Valentines Giveaway And a Mushy Love Story

Flowers for you Mommy!

Love is in the air and in the headlines. For me, “real love & commercialized love really don’t resemble one another very much. My husband recently had his entire knee replaced surgically and I wasn’t really prepared for the “love” he would need during his rehab period….triple the laundry, half the sleep. It felt like a newborn had moved in. I’m not trying to establish a case for martyrdom by bringing this up; I’m actually going for a definition of “love”. 
In order to get there, I need to brag on my husband.He was awake, not just awake, but UP almost every single time our infant son needed anything at night. He made sure that I had help with diapering. He made sure I had water so I stayed hydrated. He didn’t want to miss out on helping with any portion of watching our amazing baby grow. Before that baby came along, my husband embodied the meme “I respect any man who heals a heart he didn’t break and raises a child he didn’t make. “He has survived a lot of loss & he has survived my thank-God-it’s-over-now menopause. He knew what love was long before I did.He showed me how to sacrifice self-comfort for the comfort & safety of others. That is love. Flowers, chocolates, cards those are a nice representation of love but they are not of the same caliber as this. Unless of course the card has a blue-hand drawn boy and is presented with the words “here is a flower for you Mom” from my then three-year-old son. Those count.Did I mention that my husband is also a handyman? He’s slowly getting his knee rehabbed to be able to go back to work. However, right now while he’s somewhat of a captive audience, we’re going to share some of his wisdom with all of you. We’re doing this in the form of a giveaway for a $50 gift card to the restaurant of your choice! 

Here are the two “rules”: 

1. Reply to this blog with a “honey-do” home maintenance item that you think, with a little guidance, you might be able to do yourself.
2. Once you send over your handyman question, watch for our drawing on Valentine’s Day. One random recipient will win a $50 dinner gift card.Also: Be on the lookout: we’ll be replying to your handyman questions in future editions of our monthly newsletter.