April Showers Bring RAFFLES!


Welcome to a very fun, exclusive email where I get to share not one but TWO giveaways that are coming up.

If it is alright, I would love to backup and tell you the “reason” why I do these raffles. The very biggest reason is that I am at a slightly older age where I have learned a bit about grieving. It has become a familiar part of life. Sometimes it’s because of the loss of life of someone close. Sometimes, WAY more often, it is the loss of what is our normal routine. This might be due to a global pandemic. It might be because of a change in job, career, school, residence, or it might be that the events in our environment feel ominous & deep routed & non-confrontable. For me one of the biggest changes lately is my inability to predict the next change that will come. I don’t necessarily feel the need to know because I need to know.  I feel very under-prepared for for whatever the next change will be. And this makes it less possible for me to prepare anyone (young people) around me.

When I had my most recent “big” dose of grieving, I, along with many supportive family & friends, watched my mom say the “very long goodbye” with Alzheimer’s. Because of this I learned that the most soothing thing for the “I am losing my mom” type of grief is GIVING. The two are intertwined. If you believe, even a little, in the reason for a Resurrection Sunday celebration, then you know that giving & grief are intertwined. Hand-in-hand.

So, I give because it makes grieving bearable.

I give because I can.
So let’s get to it:

On April 30th,2021 : I am doing a two-part giveaway inspired by my almost 10 year old. He & I had a Mom & son “date” at a ceramic painting business located in Otsego recently. He said it would be fun if more of our family & friends could come here. So: A $50 Gift Card to Making Memories Ceramics is ONE of the drawing items. My reply to his idea: “anything else I should give away?” My Son: Yes! V Bucks Me: ????

So the other part of the giveaway is for V Bucks (5,600 points worth). Look them up if you are not familiar; I had to. Likely, if you are unsure of what they are, you probably don’t want to win this prize. BUT then again, ask around. children, nieces/nephews, grandchildren, they know about these things. Trust me.

How do you enter to win? Let me know that you read this far. That is all you have to do. Reach out and let me know you would like to enter. Email, Text or (gasp) Call me 612-749-4888 bridget@madeinminn.com

You MUST tell me which prize you want to win:
#1 Making Memories Ceramics (Otsego) or #2 V Bucks

That’s it.

And one more thing: my hope is that you will test my theory.  Try it. Give away something. Give away a compliment. Give away a cup of coffee.


Because you can! Because it really is a grief-antidote.

My Very Best Everyday!